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Cannabis vs. alcohol

Why Many People Are Swaying the Bottle for the Blunt Due to Alcohol vs. Cannabis

Picture a Friday night at 7 o’clock. You recently returned from work. This last week was one of those. You’re worn out and experiencing burnout, a feeling many of us are all too familiar with. You might want to contact some pals or get some much-needed alone time, but you need something to numb the pain first. So the big argument between alcohol and marijuana now begins.

Adults are increasingly choosing cannabis as an alternative to alcohol. Harris Poll polled 2,000 persons aged 21 and above during the current epidemic. For nearly half of cannabis users, cannabis lowered or entirely replaced their alcohol intake. The survey also found that one-third of recreational cannabis users prefer it over alcohol.

Mainly parents are more likely to use cannabis than people without children. According to the poll, more than half of parents (52%) with children under the age of 18 have either started using cannabis delivery toronto or have done so more frequently since the outbreak. Similarly, parents who often use cannabis (57%) said it helped them cut back or replace their alcohol intake.

We’ve outlined some compelling arguments for why many people are opting to go “California Sober” or giving up the bottle for the blunt, even though abstinence from both alcohol and cannabis (sadly) continues to be the healthiest option.

Security First!

It is significant to note that, in contrast to alcohol, cannabis has not been the subject of much research. We have much more information on alcohol than cannabis, and various individual characteristics can influence both drugs’ effects. Genes, level of usage, and frequency of use are a few of them. However, we are aware that alcohol may be risky on both an individual and a societal level based on the information that is currently accessible.

Alcohol rarely poses a hazard to life. All of us have indulged in one or two (or three) drinks with friends and had a dreadful hangover, but nothing serious. That isn’t always the case, though. The most dangerous drug is thought to be alcohol. According to the CDC, almost 88,000 people die each year from alcohol-related overdoses. A little more than half of these unfortunate deaths result from binge drinking. Not to mention that binge drinking has been associated with several rather severe conditions, including liver failure and pancreatic cancer. But alcohol continues to be the more popular option in society. When celebrating, a glass of champagne is frequently more suitable than cannabis, which is still frowned upon in many cultures.

We’ll get to the reason you came here: marijuana. In contrast, there are nearly no fatalities related to cannabis usage! Zero, that’s correct! Between 15 and 70 grams of THC would be considered a lethal dosage. To give you an idea of how much marijuana it is, the average pre-roll has roughly half a gram of THC. To overdose, you need to smoke anything from 250 to 1000 joints daily. That is a lot of joints for the typical marijuana user to inhale.

No Rebound!

This is a significant issue. Probably one of the leading causes why so many of us prefer cannabis to booze. Unfortunately, hangovers often stay much longer than we would like. Even a night with a few drinks might leave us feeling off-balance the following day. Every one of our favourite drinks contains ethanol, a poison. It can be found in beautiful things like gasoline and nail polish remover, and it causes even lovelier side effects like a complete blackout and your brain whirling the next day. fun times

Adults often feel guilty when having a bad day and not working as hard as they typically could. As a result, the happy moments are questioned, and a mental conflict develops. But with cannabis, you’ll never again have to choose between a day and a night.

Your body does not see cannabis as poison in the same way that alcohol is. Your body and cannabis interact via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Any use of cannabis engages receptors (CB1 and CB2) that react to both the chemical constituents of the plant and the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids. There are no naturally occurring ethanol receptors in our bodies. Therefore, when we down that stiff martini, our organs and cells see alcohol as harmful. Hangover-free because our systems do not metabolize cannabis in the same way that alcohol is.

Calories and price!

It may be expensive to make weekly trips to the LCBO to restock your bar cart, especially if you have exceptional taste. However, today’s inflation makes cost-cutting whenever possible a wise choice. The typical Canadian family spent $1098 on booze in 2017, which has increased since then. Pre-rolls, edibles, and vapes can be far less expensive to buy from a cannabis retail outlet than quality alcohol.

Alcohol also contains a lot of sugar and empty calories. With your pals, you might easily consume 2000 calories or more in one night of binge drinking. The only things you have left are foggy recollections and thirst. People who use cannabis often are thought to experience frequent munchies and overeat late at night in front of the refrigerator. And that most certainly is possible. Research, however, showed that chronic cannabis users tend to be leaner. In addition, the findings showed that cannabis users are not only more physically fit but also have a better body reaction to sugar.

You have a choice.

Cannabis and alcohol both have their place and time in social settings and times of relaxation. According to the research, cannabis can be a healthier option that is both less hazardous to the body and less expensive in terms of calories and money. You are ultimately in charge of deciding whether to use marijuana or alcohol. Furthermore, neither is advised if your health is genuinely a priority.

Both marijuana and alcohol have some risks. However, the majority of things in life aren’t. The universal precaution is to exercise restraint in both situations and to take a reasonable, orderly course of action.

Use cautiously and with less in marijuana delivery toronto!